Senior Aerospace SSP provides design, integration, and
manufacturing services at both the system and component level for a wide
variety of customers and platforms.



Senior Aerospace SSP has been integral in supporting the warfighter since the 1940s. Our “total resource” air management solutions and products are in-service around the globe with multiple governments and militaries on every continent.


Almost every commercial aircraft flies with SSP designed and built hardware on board. Senior Aerospace SSP sets the standard in advanced air management system integration, providing high performance solutions optimized to deliver the greatest total customer value.


Senior Aerospace SSP’s commitment to space begins with its origins as a supplier for the Space Shuttle program’s main engines. This launch vehicle legacy continues as SSP engineering advances the boundaries of current technology in order to support evolving launch system criteria from its customers.


Senior Aerospace SSP sets the standard for  providing optimized engine solutions to deliver the  greatest total customer value and system  performance.

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