Testing Services


Senior Aerospace SSP’s Engineering Lab now has over 50 years of experience in the aircraft industry originating from the in-house testing conducted to qualify and certify customer products.

Senior Aerospace SSP Engineering Lab Experience

The Senior Aerospace SSP Engineering Lab has a talented group of members with a range of experience allowing the lab to specialize in a range of complex tests. With our test lab troubleshooting capabilities, the technicians and engineers of the lab are able to repair any issue that arises during testing with customer approval avoiding excess cost and delay to a customer’s item under testing that will occur when using other testing facilities.


Unique Testing Services

The focal points of the Engineering Lab are: testing, developing, and qualifying aircraft hardware. This focus has allowed the testing facility and its members to have  a greater understanding in systems specialized for Aircraft usage, and ultimately set  it apart from other competing testing facilities.

Our facility specializes in:

  • Vibration Testing
  • Mechanical Shock Testing
  • Fire Proof/Resistance Testing
  • Temperature and Humidity Testing
  • Continuous Flow Testing
  • Static Pressure Testing

For more information, visit our Engineering Lab website https://www.sspengineeringlab.com